Fat or fab?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The difference between how an asian sees sexy* or beautiful* body as to western is very very difference.

Take for example..
Not much asian appreciate their own body size.
Even they look fine, none of them wanted to keep it or maintain it.
Most of them wanted to slimmed them to few size lower or up few size higher.
And western tends to love their curves as much as they love their husband.

Asian tends to have unproportion figure.
Is either too skinny or too flabby or too fat.
For me..im always trying to slim my fat butt and thigh.:D
It almost impossible to shrink it down from M size to XS..but we can tone it.

Rihanna, beyonce, tyra banks..
All this famous singers or model looks totally fabulous!
But all of them have fall into the same category as me.
The pear shape body- Big butt and thigh.
Do you realised they never look ugly or flabby no matter how *Big* their thigh are.
In fact, those thighs make them look great on them.
I felt that, caucasian was quite lucky..as they always have very nice leg and thigh and butt no matter how plump or meaty they are.
Still looks tone and firm.
No flabby fats on their inner thigh.

Should we be happy for what we have?
Or continue to work hard to get what we want?

I will consider both.
But right now, the KFC right infront of me is seducing me.
I shall put away my slimming programme first.
I will be back working out more often soon.
Tomatoes help to speed up our metabolism which aids in digestion.
Watermelon is a good fruit that has the lowest sugar value, good for slimming.
And very high in water content good for hydrating your body.
This are the two fruits i always take.:D

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