On no..don't asked me bare my face!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Did a shoot with CJ tay yesterday morning.
Im super tired..=((
But that is not why im not having my wayang makeup for shoot eh.:D
CJ wanted a bare face for this shoot. And a real casual ones.
He provided me the top and im suppose to wear a normal jeans with slipper.
I was quite shocked eh and yes..slipper.LOL
Well, the most relax shoot i did in my life.
Nothing sexy . No killer heels(love it). Most natural look.
I didn't totally bare my face of course!:D
But to keep the bare face look, I dapped very little powder on my under eye.
But i still looked very panda thou. LOL
I looked like im dying of illness.
But CJ's photography skill really enhanced my dull and almost-bare ugly face.
I used to dresses like this when im secondary 5.
I became more and more vain after my prom night..
knowing the magic of makeup inspired by my eldest sis.
See..don't tell me you're ugly until you see this!
Lucky imma art talented person..
if not i don't even know if anybody realised my existance uh.LOL

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