Sunday, May 16, 2010

Watched District 13 -ultimate
Coolest and sexiest movie ever!
For girls who doesn't like so watch fighting scene movies..
I think this movie gonna change your mindset after watching.
So cool uh! They actually got those yamakasi to act in this movie.
Yamakasi were a "Climb and jump building sport" in france.
Most of them were trained for many years. I think only in france,
this spiderman sports are allowed.
They are trained how to climb, how to jump and how to fell. Basically, stuntman stuff. And....NO STRINGS. Hard core stunts.
I partially love this movie because of their ghetto hiphop music!:D
So hot so cool so sexy!

This is the yamakasi.
Be very amazed by their agility and speed and everything!:D

District 13..VERY NICE!

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