Friday, May 21, 2010

Grandma's birthday.
Alot relative came.
Didn't take much photos.

Me and my sis..
Im calling starhub to make a complain.LOLOL
Went Tampines IKEA.
Basically just for the swedish meatball:D

Goodbye Ikea.
I will be back again for youuuuu..hohoho
Had my hypertune magazine shoot on thur.
A quick one as i got class after that.
Kenny and his collegue is fun yo!
Had laksa before heading back for classes.

Yesterday, went Kranji farm resort.
OMG! The room was pea small la!=.=
Trust me..never booked the room there. Waste of money.
You can save that HUGE AMOUNT for a better chalet/resort/hotel.

But the good thing about that was, the bathroom side wall was a clear piece of PLASTIC.
So clear that is transparent and you can see out of it and enjoy the PLANTS outside.
Hmm..doesn't sounds right uh?lol

Hmm..maybe i would say scary..to bath with a plant outside. No secure.
Im somebody full of imagination..so.....the bathroom was a big "NONO" for me.

We had a session of singing on the live stage outside our "VILLA".
Alright fine, the microphone is good de lo.

This is the furtest i can go just to take the interior of the room.
Now you see how tiny this room?
OMG! the price not cheap you know.
Lucky i didn't pay for it.LOLOL

My dinner.
$6.40 man..This seafood horfun made of gold.=.=
I just started playing nightclub city in facebook!
Darn fun! Come join me too!:D

Gonna come back with photos soon(:

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