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Friday, May 28, 2010

Hypertune mag preview by kenny yeoh.=.=
My mum always says all the best food that is good for us is either disgusting or tasteless.
It's true. But how do you make it taste good, and makes your diet programme continues without forcing yourself to take it all this shit, it's up to you.

For e.g,
Adding lemon to water is good. Replace mayonaise with olive oil for salad. Taking honey instead of sugar...All this helps your meal to taste better.

I force myself to take a big red tomato every morning before my breakfast.
Our body able to absorb more nutrient during the time of 1-2 hrs after we are awake.
And Fat burns 3x faster during the period when we just awake.

So before our breakfast is good to have a 10-30mins workout for taking any breakfast.
And after workout or stretching, take fruits or tomatoes before starting your breakfast too.

In order to slim, you have to eat either at the right amount of calories that you should be taking in or lesser than that in order to burn your fats.

Visit this site and this would help you to calculate your calories intake that you should be taking in. Im quite shock when i knew that i've over-eat everyday.:D:D:D
No wonder im growing horizontally.=((

And remember, you are losing the useless fat and not the pretty face.
Take more fruits, they will help you to bring back your radiance to your skin during your diet.(:

1. Paste a victoria secret model poster at your kitchen, bedroom and save it as display photos in your phone.

2. Keep only S,M size clothing. Force yourself to squeeze in them 2weeks later.

3. Never crave, see junkie as poison.

4. Take little dark chocolate as a reward once a week.

5. Placed a sticky note infront of your PC, remind yourself to stand up and walk around after hours of staring.

6. Bring a water bottle along with you anywhere.

7. See fruits as your meals.

8. Ask for lesser rice/ noodle when ya eating outside.

9. Eat handful of nuts a day, separates in 5-6 portion.

10. Make yourself feel full, take oatmeal or low fat cereal with low fat milk in the morning.
They will make you feel full whole day till night.

11. Detox more. Hot green tea a day is good, they helps to increase your metabolism rate.


Done. You just gonna lost alot of useless fat in a week.(:

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