If you think illuminati is a hoax? A fake?A Myth?

Saturday, May 29, 2010

So much hint, so much hidden message. All have been clearly revealed.
The murder of MJ is sucha mistake they did. They only aroused more people to noticed their presence and motive. How stupid?
How the hell they gonna influence the CHINA, JAPAN and SOUTH AFRICA and those big country?

They never gonna rule the world lo. They think too much sia.

Afterall, they are just human.

Does it sounds fake to you still?
It's not what the illuminati believe in that disturbed me alot, it's what they do and uses for their ritual an practise.
They are hurting people, killing people, abducting people, sexually abusing people.
Have you ever wonder those "MISSING PERSON" notice along the bridge or mrt station goes to? Nobody knows of course, if not they are not call missing person.

I used to ask my mum, "Why these people go missing?"

And she will always says," They were abducted by people, they limps and leg were chopped off and sent over to other country to beg for money."

But now, i think there's more reason.
They might be the victim of the satanist. They might be abducted by them for their bloody ritual. Some killed, some eaten up by them, some might be still alive but were hidden in their nest. Im very sure you wouldn't want your love ones to be the next victim.

Maybe there is no way we can stop them but there always a precaution for everything. Never trust stranger! And this is why my mum still keep reminding me about this.

  • Never accept free drinks from stranger.
  • Be wary of your surrounding especially at night.
  • Try to avoid eye contact with any stranger if possible(It's hard, but nowadays too many hypnotiser around).
  • Never do online meetup with stranger at night.
  • Meetup in the day should be somewhere with loads of crowd or passerby.
  • Never leave your drinks/food alone.
  • Never trust anyone except yourself(selfish, but for your safety sake)
  • Get a guy friend to be with you anywhere you go especially in clubs.
  • Never trust a lady too...A chinese proverb that says ,"最毒妇人心" , Woman's a snake in disguised. (but trust whatever i says here! LOL)
  • Be wary of the changes of behaviour of your friends around you. (funny, but scary!)

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