Nice thai song!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

I kinda like this MV.
How many guys would still wear the shirt that their ex gave to him wherever he go?
Sumore with they photos infront eh. If i give john, he sure throw away.=(

It's funny that the girl suddenly hugged the mascot. Imagine, the mascot took off the costume and it's sum uncle or ah pek.:X
OMG! Paiseh sia..Hugged wrong people.

I somehow find that thailand guys may not be as stylish as those korean singer, but they still kept their manly-ness with them. And they possessed little gentleness and that i would say too cute or romantic as compared to singaporean guys.

My brother told me that the MV is based on true story. And the poor guy really become retarded 2 mths later as he cannot take the blow that that girl mistaken him.
She say : "Leave off my life. Go ahead!!. you be a moron. "

This is darn sweet and sad. The dumb lady shouldn't have scolded him before she sees the photo!! OMG!=(
This story is so so so so beautiful yet heartbreaking!=(
I find it very sweet as this is the true story and yes the guy still alive till now.

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