Friday, June 4, 2010

Sorry for not blogging for quite some time uh..
Hmm..i was currently on a healthy diet.:D
I went over to Xiu's place with my girls suppose to have a FOODFUL HTHT.
But end up im only taking salads.:D
They bought pizzas, nuggets, honey chicken wings and stuff..OMG!
Im so tempted so i took a tiny bites off sheena's and fen's pizza.
I swear the bite was darn tiny!=((
After that a few white grapes and my salad.
I felt so bad doing that to myself leh..but must endure.
It's already my 5th day diet. Today will be the 6th.
HAHAHAHA!I need to cut down sugar and oil. No Fries and Dessert during this period.
But maybe, i will ditched that diet off someday if im feeling very sick.
Not bad eh..I make it for at least 5th day man!

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