Me and my life.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Triple happiness.
Triple disaster.
Especially on birthdays..
Hmmm..i shall start to plan my havoc on whose birthday uh...
Let me think....
Im not telling YOU! It's a surprise you know?
But we call it REVENGE!:D
Last pretty shot before we got messy.
Food..Always the stuff i can never live without.
And yes...everybody cannot live without it.
But for me..I live to eat and not eat to live.
Bad habit. But i love this life!
Young people like us..PLAY LIKE MAD!
And that's what we call LIFE.
Clubbing and binge drinking wasn't my type of LIFE.
So stop asking me why im home on friday night/sat night.
You know it's annoying when 100 people asked.
And one person can asked you 2times a week and still asking!
It's a warning!
Don't even asked me why im home at night again.
HAHA! Sy really look like kid. Damn!
I guess i need her AGE-NEGATIVE gene from her.
Im only 20! God..Please keep my youth longer..
Make me look 20 still when im 50!:D:D:D
Anyway, im still struggling for the black forest cake.
How to do thw whip cream and soft butter sia.=/

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