Sunday, June 13, 2010

An advanced celebration with my bunch of lovelies..

Met the babes at clarke Quay for Mr.curry.

Those curry were heavenly! OMG!

3/4 leftover...
Yup..i ate alot cake today..Probably the most cake i ever ate.
But they taste really good leh.
From breadtalk, DIY cake.
The whip cream is darn sweet. I LIKE!

Thanks Sheena and Sy for the "POPS".
They really pops my life man..
To all my girls, you really make us birthday girls happy!(:

Ok..Our birthdays were always messy.:D
Anyway, Hunky pls upload the video to me.
And i will know whose that culprit who push my head into the cake alr!
*Evil grin*

Eugenia's culprit is darn obvious.

Many many love<3>

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