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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bored? No funding to attend your Basic Jap classes?

Introducing the cheapest way, easiest way, convenience way of learning Japanese!(:
$15 of wonders!

Call for help in jap??
Nihonhonya is good enough to solve your problems!(:

Mugging sucks?
This jap textbook is simple and clear.
Even the slowest me could understand!

The strokes were clearly numbered.

Come and grab your copy now!
Just $15 and it will be yours.
Learning jap anywhere, anytime..
Cheap and easy. Saving up more than $200+ per basic course.
$15 deal, where to get where to get?!

Visit NIHONHONYA for the great deals.

Best of all, nihonhonya provide a free basic e-mail enquiry service

regarding any doubts in your process of self learning!

Send in your orders now in the following format:

1) Name

2) Hp number

3) Number of copies

4) Normal/registered postage

5) Mailing Address

All orders to

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