Friday, June 18, 2010

Tips for longer lower lash!(:
Do 3 coatings for lower lash.
Slowly and steady..
A fibre contain mascara is good.
Im sing Flamingo mascara from sasa(:
Tips for shiny straight hair.
Make sure you are having the correct diet.
A healthy diet for shiny and healthier hair.
Perming/rebonding/dying is bad for your hair..
You need extra care and maintenance..
Do not comb your hair before bed time.
Apply vitamin oil day time or after bathing to keep them hydrated.
Sesame seed is good for your hair!(:

My ugly bento. Taste good ok!:D
I must say i improved alot already.
This time my fried rice really make it..and taste very very yummy!(:
I added lil bit of white rice vinegar, oil, onion chopped, olives, prawn and meat ball.
The key ingredient of making it taste different was the rice vinegar.
It's really brings out the taste of everything in there. Super nice!
The side dish are some oyster sauce vege and Nuggets.There's omelette under the rice.I added few tablespoon of full cream milk to it..Tasted better!:D..Actually suppose to wrapped my fried rice in the omelette!
But you roughly know why i didn'd manage to do it uh?!LOL
Looked ugly but nice!:D
Try it try it!

Im super lazy to mix my own stuff.
So i bought white wing cake mix. It comes with the frosting too!
I added cadbury dark+milk choclate and extra cocoa powder for extra kick!:D
I tried to make my own whip cream, but failed uh..
So i replaced it with smucker's Strawberry jam. Tasted just nice.Sweet and lil sour.
Probably short of some real berries
to complete the taste of black forest cake.
I know you got no interest in using this recipe as it might look ugly..
But please gimme some face la!:D:D:D
Im super busy today know.
I do makeup halfway, needa wash my hand and manage my cake and check it..
Then run back to continue my makeup..then wash hand again and check my cake.
WA LAU! Marathon sia!
I guess by the end of the day, my hand rotten from washing OVER-DOSE. HAHA!
Do you know that grapes and chocolate are poisons to dogs?
And yes, Pasta is another stupid one that LOVES the poison.
From the look, you know she loves danger.

After few trip running here and there..
My mascara melted and gave me a smoky eyes effect.
Ai hor?!
You know it was just a joke.
It's a smoky eyes not melted lines.(:

Smoky eyes were too harsh for me:D
I guess i gonna looked like ghost going out with it.=/
Especially with my black hair...
No doubt, it enhanced our eyes.
Making it looked bigger(:
I had tomyum today at hougang mall s28 kopitiam.
WAH! Fried fish meat tomyum...DARN NICE!
But not forgetting im on my diet la:D

I had to work out more later.And next morning.
I baked pound cake and made bento today.

Yes..Im very proud of my cooking skill.
My sis went back and told me that my fried rice got many taste.
First spoon, nice..
Second spoon, saltish..
Third spoon, back to normal..
Fourth, saltish again!

Then i told her, That is my purpose.
To make you hunger for more. If every scoop taste same..
This plate gonna be boring!:D:D:D:D


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