Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wah man, i've been so so so busy recently.
Busy playing my baking life in fb.:D

Will be back with many many photoss sooooon.
HAHA!I decided not to go for the Singtel gridgirls casting already.
Many bless for those girls who were going.(:

Thanks veron for the sweet gifts and sheena for the rainbow cupcakes!!!
I will "haolian"(showoff) my gift to you'all soon!HAHAHAHA!

For those who emailed and tagged me on makeup tutorial or what products im using, i will be sharing them out soon yo!

Anyway, Kiwi is very good for skin!
They have the highest value or vitamin C and E of all.
For those who is desperately in need for curing cold or morning sinus or problematic skin, this would be good.

For reducing risk of getting acne scars and reducing new scars, evening primrose oil will be just good for it. Apply them during night before you go to bed. Leave them overnight. And you will realised the next morning, some of the little bumps will disappear and some big ones reduced. And new scar seems less obvious. And your skin were more supply, not so dry or extremely oily next morning. (:

Evening primrose oil has the ability of oil control and hormones control if taken orally.
They were oils that were good for skin. The only oil that doesn't clog our pores(extract from google). Guess it's true. So far, my skin are better now.(:

And lastly, do not take in liquid* before bed time.
They would gave you puffy eyes.
The right amount of eye cream that should be applied should be a thin layer of it.
Not too much. The excess cream will eventually give us tiny bumps around the eyes. Which is something you do not want.(:

For dark rings, getting enough sleep and drink more warm water and light eye massage is good.
Reduce the time staring infront of your computers and give them 5 mins rest before continue your work. All this gonna helps in time to come.(:

For reducing inner thigh fat, jogging is the only way(:
For toning them, doing the half squat is the best way.
This two works hand in hand for a slimmer and toner legs.
They doesn't work on me as i don't jog and im lazy to move uh!:D:D:D

Flat tummy has got alot of ways to get it.
Doing crutches, sucking in your tummy whenever you go-whatever you do, straighten back when you sit, jogging, sketching, DETOX(shit)!
Detox is the most important and the most basic ones to start with.
Do not allow toxic to stay in your tummy, let them all out and naturally they wouldn't have any burden, the digestion will be better.

For a slimmer arms...
I guess jogging gonna works?
Jogging- swinging or arms?
I dun slim them. I tone them.
Doing push-up and back-push toning bicep and tricep.

Hope those gonna help uh!(:

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