Saturday, July 3, 2010

I've been using Geo for 2yrs alr.
Each year my geo len diameter increases in size to suits my "NEEDS".
Now it comes with 14.8mm! Which is 14.5mm in colour diameter.
There is no any lens bigger than 14.5mm. It's all gimmicks to get buyers to purchase them.
Don believe? get one Geo 14.8mm compare with any 16mm or 17mm lens.

For me, i did a market check b4 i conclude this.

Believe it or not. It's not worth to pay extra for the same size where you can get it cheaper.

And most online lens stated 1 year, i only use for the most 2-3mths and throw away.
HAHA..If you went to see a eye doctor, he/she would tells you. There is no lens that could last for more than a month. It will be to risky for your eyes.

So people who bought online is either paying for a cheap deal or paying for the size where singapore doesn't approve.

Before you purchase any lens.. i will tell you all contact lens itself is bad.
No matter an online or optical legal retail lens, it's very bad for the eyes still.
And not all singapore's lens store itself are selling SAFE LENS.
If your eyes are not suitable for the particular lens itself, no matter which Well-known optical shop you went, the lens will still gives you problems.

Don't believe?
Try asking any of your friend who has wore contact lens for more than 2years..
if they've got eyes infection before and ask if their lens is purchased from store or online.
You will know the answer. Cause eyes infection is too common in singapore.
And that is the reason why singapore are banning online lens. As they might afraid people got the non authentic ones and got themselves blind.

So is about taking care of them. So normally i would advise to use those "1years" lens for the most 2months. I'm not interested in earning money that "ROBBED people's eyes".

Im quite ok with Geo as im 100% sure that it is authentic from korean and not from china.
Geo lens itself is pretty neutral.
If your eyes is super sensitive to UFO lens.. I would advise you to wear your glasses instead. (:
Afterall, it's the safest way to keep eye infections at bay.LOL

For me, my eyes were pretty ok with largest lens.
Some people feel much confortable with 14mm ones and some doesn't like any enlarge.
So geo actually have all sizes to suits the buyer's needs.
I just couldn't accept the fact that my pupil is tiny without them.
So i get the largest! practically very vain!
Im currently using xcm215 and xcm 214.
Dark brown and dark grey.
Visit for more info.
Big eyes comes with more colours!
Bigger and better!:D
Pink lovers could now get their eyes to suit their pinkish mood everyday!

Direct from Geo medical.
Safer and reliable.
P.S: For those who had never tried contact lenses before. I would recommend you
to check an optician and get the contact lens from them before purchasing any lens from blogshop.Only until you felt comfortable with them then you might try switchin to a
much more different designs and colours and sizes from online.

If you have a single eyelid, a double eyelid sticker or glue to push your eyelid up is good start!
If you already have a double eyelid , you can still push them up for a larger eyelid too!

Eye shadow and lashes are the calefare for bigger eyes effect.
Next, eyelash..their curl up lash will direct people's visual from your upper lid to the point where the lash point ended. Means..if your eye lash is curling up till your eyelid, they gives an effect of pulling your upper lid up and naturally your eyes looked bigger.

Lower lash plays a part too!
The works just like the upper lash. Pulling lower lid down effect to enlarge your eyes.
For me, i only did Extra double eyelid and thick lash makeup to make them look fresher and bigger. As im not really good at them, i might just end up like a panda!:D

Will do a tutorial on this soon!( I NEED A GOOD WEBCAM!)
Any sponsor?:D:D:D

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