My magic tool for transform(:

Friday, July 9, 2010

From of them can be bought from SASA or TAKA.(:
For my glue, i found it along my neighbourhood shop houses.
$3.10 for two of it!
EXPENSIVE LEH!But super sticky! Super durable!:D
For covering marks im using maybelline liquid concealer.
For hiding dark rings, im using maquilage concealer.
Before executing the type of eyemakeup you should be doing to suits your face.
You must know your eyes.
What type of eyes you are having?
almond shape?
Round(just like mine)?
Or the asian eyes?
Long wide eyes?

Mine is round eyes. To create a much more natural big eyes to suit my faceshape.
I have to lengthen my eyes horizontally when im drawing my eyeliner or sticking my lashes.

Baring our face is as well killing us.
Girls who usually makeup, they would normally have this phobia of baring them.
Im one of them!:D
But sometimes, we needed give them some rest especially during the breakouts.

Let's see some OLD photos that i got from my past blog.
The times where i just started learning makeup.

Eyebrow too thin, foundation coverage+concealing BAD. FAILED

Brows too thick. FAILED

Downwards eyebrow, eyes makeup too "LIAN" and eyelid too droopy,eyes still round.

Eyebrow better, must be softer and thicker. Droopy eyelid still.

Softer brows but not define enough, finally master fake lash, but making eyes look too tired.

Better brows, eyes too droopy. FAILED

Finally, eye brows are better but not natural, eyes are finally opening but not clear!
And my eyes are lengthen,the coverage for flaws is good but......
One problem,
Slowly, i realised, is not thick eye makeup that will enhance the eyes.
Is how you change the shape of them and how you hide the dark rings,
the way you enlarge the eyelid so your lid will not be hidden under your eyeliner, which
actually make your eyes look like a Single eyelid even if yours are double. And how you re-define your feature.(:

You dun need dark eye shadow, you dun need thick eyeliner,
you dun need full volume fake lash..
All you just need is practice on LESS IS MORE.
And make sure your eyes is not messy.
Allow them look bright and healthy and not thick and GOTHIC!:D

You can still see my eyelid even after i've drawn my eyeliner and stick my fake lash.

Okay, this is nth to do with makeup.
Just wanna show you guys my cute lil me.LOL


  1. Where did you do your eyebrows ? or u trim them yourself ?

  2. HHAHA~!I would love to do the makeup for u ppl!
    I trim myself.