7th month - Hungry ghost month

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What can i say?
Hmmm..My mum told me this before i left the house today..

Mum: Eh, if you see keychain on the floor, don't take hor, 7th month alr.
Me: Do i look like rubbish bug?
Mum: Nooo...what i mean, you see those nice nice things on the ground don't pick it up.
Me: Wa lau..Whats the difference? I no money buy meh. =.=

She could have use a beta item to actually tell me about it.
Maybe $50?? Or maybe Brand new LV/GUCCI handbag? Or maybe...A new set of makeup?

Well, i can't say much...cause my mum told me..."DON'T ANYHOW TALK ABOUT THEM HUH!"

P.s: Im dying to show you guys what i've been taking in for my dinner these few days...LOL
YOU WILL SCREAM when you see it.

P.P.s: Im growing horizontally already, please love me still..OKOK??

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