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Friday, August 13, 2010

Met up with my girls this afternoon.
OMG!My face really bad man. Pimplesssss, eyebagggggsss...=(
Our random bbq @ Hougang.

Ya, the one on the left is me.LOL
Don't you say you love me tooooooo~
Please me ok? :D



Met up the yishun people.
Had a really sinful dinner..
Hmm..actually i had it all along since 2weeks ago.=((

Sometimes, i feel darn paiseh to actually get nice comment from readers..
To say i got nice flawless skin, pretty face or hot body....
The truth is, under every beautiful photos, there lies many many flaws in it.:D
I may look good today, but i may not look good tomorrow.
Just like, i have my very ugly moment too!
I don't look glam and presentable everyday yo.





Eh, what's that face on you uh?
It's the prettiest unglam i can find in my pc alr leh!
Support support abit leh! HAHAHAHA!

Im not pretty but im blessed with good makeup skill(:
And same goes to you girls, you are blessed with things that i might be dying to have yea?
Always see yourself on the good side.

I don't have straight pearl teeth, but im blessed with a sweet smile.
(You cannot choose to disagree ok! LOL, this gonna hurts..)

I have bad eyerings and eyebag, but im blessed to have a double eyelid.

I have bad skin and scars or rotten skin or whatever you name, but im blessed to have a good makeup skill to hide.

I have a fat thigh and butt , but at least im blessed with curves...

This are all the "EXCUSES" i used to "PSYCHO" myself at times.
We need confidence and we need to believe that we are not that bad afterall.
Life will be more beautiful.

We people does judge people by looks, it's very natural,
but one day if you realise, you fall for a guy who is just as plain and wasn't the type you are looking for, you should not think much.. because you're falling for him with an reaction called,

Not only looks does the attraction, the smell, the feel plays a big role too.
So don't worry if you are very very worried that you are too skinny, too fat, too ugly, too flat, too weird.... The real man will see you in a different way.
And some say, beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.

Love is a big word to me.
A guy who like you can also be interested in others..
For love, you can only have one.

A guy who can accept your uglyness or unglams is not really love,
but only LIKE.

A guy who can accept you bad habits, you personality and teach you the right thing,
scold you when you're wrong but at the same time give in to you, never use violent on you,
never insult you and willing to do things that he never do before,
are called LOVE.

If one day your nasty bf told you,
" I can get a better girlfriend and a hotter ones.."

Tell them,
"Go ahead if you think you are good enough. I can get a dozen of you in an hour!"

HAHA! Hope you feel better now?

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