Fat people life are good!

Friday, August 20, 2010

I think she's hungry.
Or she just love mint?
Went for casting today for STUFF magazine.
Hope its not gonna be a waste trip man!
Thaiboy sent me there and waited for me about 45mins till i came out of the building.

I feel like cutting my fringe as im bored of it, but i want them long.
Had my early dinner b4 work @ Chong pang.

Im so healthy today, i ordered Broccoli:D

And i finished them like a pig=(

After meal, i grew 10cm of fat on my face.

Nasi lemak shrink my photo=(
I think fat ppl life are good..You want a good life? JOIN ME!:D
Im currently using, lancome lip gloss.(:
And...i just got my new birdnest mask from my beauty diary series.
It works pretty well for me(:
But not for my buddy veron here, whom just got her pimple grew back after using once.
But i reduced mine after 3masks;D
They can be purchased at watson.
Next tuesday, for the pizzahut tasting blogger event,
Heard about the recent flood that hits india's beautiful place, ladakh??
Rejuvi is doing a fund raising for them,
you can contribute your help and also gain something in return,
by simply clicking into the link to know more bout the details (:
I know you want it. JUST GO FOR IT LAHHH!:D:D

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