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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

With hayley!(:

My secret of waterproof and bulletproof makeup!:D
My way of doing thick makeups/stage makeup.

Concealing is very important!

If concealing failed, the whole entire makeup will be wasted.

This is where i usually will dapped my concealer on.

I know my eyes are small!

Neh-mind..30mins later, they will be very very big liao!:D

My makeup is test and proven to be waterproof.

Under scenario like wild wild wet, they are still there.:D

Went beach road and had our lunch before our movie.

This is a prove that im not anorexic, and i can't be anorexic with my current body size!:D

Anyway, im more than willing to donate my FLESH BLANKET if you felt really cold at night!=X
We came too early, most of the food were not ready!=(

So we only get to order a few stuff.


My second attempt of cosplay shoot.
Thanks justin!:D

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