Thursday, August 26, 2010

We queue up quite long for KOI!:D
While waiting for veron!

Went to bugis and had this "WOOHOO" lunch.
This garlic stir fried kailan is the best eh!
$5.20 per bowl fried fish noodle.

Anqi got her first sunglass:D

Oh ya, anyway,
i wanna thanks you people who voted for my PASTA in facebook!
Pasta did not win but she did make it into the CHIC MAGAZINE #25.

Meet up with Eric uncle and edmund KORKOR and alicia for dinner!:D
It's near outram park.
Total bill for all = $62#

Eric uncle brought his IPAD here! SO COOL LEH!

Alicia you need to eat more man!
Had dessert at Sugar granny also near outram park!:D
Mango sago.
Fried mini bun with condense milk.
My favourite DURIAN SAGO!!!:D
Lychee ice.

This place is cool! The food is good.
And the price is really reasonable too!
Oh yea, i made Pasta a PJ too with my long PJ pants.
Now, we are real sister man!:D
See, im talented.

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