Birthday really makes people happier.(:

Friday, September 17, 2010

Meet my girls up after my fyp, my bridal shoot fitting postpone.=/

See her happy face!
Wat's coming up gonna be our turn to HAPPY!:D
As usual, birthday girl will have to pick up the candle holder that we stuff
into the cake with her tongue.
After that, she went off to meet her cousin for dinner.
The "LEFTOVER" of us went off to ION!:D:D:D
We had the world champion serving again!:D
The other day went home after work and dinner.
Very tired!
But i still have to camwhore abit.

Anyway, i pop quite a huge amount of pimple and i was super desperate to get rid of my acne scars...old and new..
I went to guardian to get "MEDERMA SCAR TOPICAL GEL".
Hope it helps man!
It's consider the most well-recognised THUMBS UP scar reducer so far after my long research.
My elder sis has got a even more powerful ones which need to take only a week to get rid of them!!!!!!
Which is a small tub for $300+ from cenosis. I wanted to get it too! But she said, my skin was still young...this peeling cream is best for those over 21 to use.
Her collegue use it for just a week and her skin is peeling and no makeup should be use during this period..Slowly it will reduce your scars. FYI, my sis told me her collegue acne scar were very very bad, and the recovering is 90%.
Wah..this is darn tempting.. Hope im 21 already!!!=(
But i don't mind to ask my sis to get for you girls or guys who is interested la.
But of course it's best for mature skin. Under 21 will still works but in future if there's any new scars, your skin will not function that well. (:
Meanwhile, i will continue will my mederma! It cost only $35.90 for 50g.
Hmm..quite expensive thou!HAHA!
But it's a cheaper cures? And it doesn't peel your skin and make you PAISEH(embarrass) with the snake skin when you go out!:D

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