My daily makeup tutorial

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My daily makeup tutorial(:
Hope you guys understand uh?!:D
I did not use any eyeshadow to further enhance the eyes(:
So it's consider normal and daily basic makeup(:

In this tutorial, i will be showing how i did the
Extra "PLASTIC SURGERY" look alike big eyes(:
Cleanse your face and hand(:
Apply your moisturiser or your daily skin product and leave them till your skin absorbs.
Which is about 2-5mins? Yea...
I would normally use a liquid concelaer to cover some red marks on my skin.
Use a cotton bud to dip a little concealer and dot unto your marks.
Do not over dapped them on your skin..
Dapped only at the particular marks and as close to the mark as possible.
Wiped away the extra concealer that surrounds the mark.
Simply means, try to reduce the concealer coverage on those skin that
are affected by the marks.
Next, blend the concealer.
For covering dark rings..
This are the area that i would apply my concealer on.
Basically, to cover flaws and contour features.
Use a cotton bud again, to clean away the extra concealer that "Dirty" your lips during the contouring with your concealer.
Now, apply you powder.(:
Here comes the tips!!:D
Somehow, when we dapped the powder on our under eyes, they tends to look cakey.
No matter how little concealer you apply or how little powder you put on..right??
I doesn't know if my tricks work for you guys, but it does worked pretty well for me!:D
Smile and let your eye squeeze a bit (Sorry, i doesn't know how to describe it, lol)..
And dapped your powder as it goes..(:
Then, relaz your eyes and dapped abit more powder on them and ya done!:)
By then, you can hardly see my eyebrow, the powder is hiding them away!OH NOOOO!!

Now, let's play a magic and bring my brows back and make them look thicker!!(:
"INK" your brush with the eyebrow pencil and then gently brush them up to your brows.
Start from the inner brows to outer brows.
For the brows edge, shape them sharp with the cottonbud.
Next up, double eyelid Or extra double eyelid trick.:D
I got my glue from my neighbourhood stores, selling 2 tiny tube for $3.10.
Darn good. Darn sticky.
Dipped a little glue with your double eye lid stick.

The shape is there alr when the glue is drying..
Now, we can still see my eyelid even after drawing your eyeliner or sticking your eyelashes!:D
This is the type of lashes im always using.
The longer end lash.
Glue-d your lash bone and let it air awhile before pasting it down.
I will normally start from end to the inner lid.
So that, i will not have to keep on adjusting my lash to fit the end.:D
Next, filled up the inner gaps of your eyelid with liquid eyeliner.
Look better?(:
Let's touch on our lower lash now(:
Last step,
Always wonder how i manage to get that shiny sexy looking lips?=X
Im super willingly to share! If you agreed with me!:D
My "SEXY" lips with the aids from good lipbalm!:D
I always apply lip balm before my lipgloss(:
This lemon and lime MOGITATE KAJITSU lipbalm is real good.
It comes with 5 different fruit mixes :
Strawberry, Grape and Berry, Orange and Mango,
White Peach and lastly, Lemon and Lime.

- Mogitate Kajitsu is made with fresh fruit Juice which contains essential vitamins that are beneficial to both the lips and body. It also contains honey which heals and renew your lips.

There's another hydrating lipbalm that im using was Mentholatum DEEP MOIST.
It contain a much more hydrating ingredient which i will normally use it at night before bed.

So it will keep my moisture when im sleeping with my aircon at night!
I will always wakeup with hydrated lips next morning!:D:D:D
I got my lipbalms from THESAMPLESTORE.

Glossy shiny lips for life?:D

Hope you enjoy and make it successfully yea?

It's easy, no hurry. Makeup takes up time and patience.

But that is what it takes to look good right?(:

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