Reborn of fairy hair~!:D

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yea, the very sweet and girlish hair advert!
Received a box of essential hair products from THESAMPLESTORE.


They came just in time...before i went bald and ugly!:D
I've been dropping hair these few weeks..due to my heavy weight hair..

I tried a few of them for almost a week.

They does reduce my hair fall by a little wee bit...and also

they does help to hydrate my hair

and make them smoother and straighter, more manageable.

Check out my fairy hair!:D

Chio right!

Well, let's take a look at my ugly flat dry hair a week before essential product usage.

My hair end is very very very ugly....

Very dried up....Tell people my hair are wig, people will believe it man!

So dry and frizzy! I don't like it!=(

Anyway, i don't do rebonding,perming,bleaching,dying on my hair..

And you must be thinking how the heck i got my hair to this ugly state?!

Simple, normal hair does need protection no matter what.
Our last 15cm of our hair is the faster to damage...and also...our hair expose to the sun often, causing higher damage.


The shampoo for Smooth and manageable hair smell pretty good!
Follow by the conditional...Suitable for daily use.(:
The first day of usage already can feel the difference.
I can "HONEST HONEST" tell you, it's good!
Try it yourself, you will be another happy LINDA!
This essential hair anti-frizz serum used only when my hair dried after bathing.
And apply on lower part of my hair..the oil absorbed super fast and leave no trace of "EXTRA" oil. Not greasy at all!(:
This is how i use it uh(:

Just 2-3 drop will do.(:

The excess serum on your palm goes to the rest of my hair on my head!(:
Don't waste don't waste!
Apply application, my hair was abit oily...
But after a short hair return back to it's normal state..
But end was not that frizzy like how it use to be uh!:D

See...shiny healthier looking hair...after a week.


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