Me and my self-made ripped pants!:D

Thursday, September 30, 2010

My favourite prawn maggi mee...(WHEN IM HUNGRY)

I just like to disturb pasta!LOL
She gave me the, "IM SEXY AND HOT"

If you guys have been following my blog or who knows me in person, they will know that..Hot pants and singlet is my essential.LOL
And sometimes, i just get bored or wearing the same pants,
so i decided to revamp it into a new style!:D

I cut of the sewed edge on my pants and threw my pants to washed it.
The next day, the "thread" will fall out abit and create abit ripping along the edge
which i like the style alot uh!HAHAA!

Abit like the pants that megan fox wore in transformer 3.
I know la..i got fat thigh! But well, that does not stopped me from wearing shorts la!
So long im happy! RIGHT?!:D

And i tried to search google for more ripped pants which i can purchased instead of wasting time to cut and rip it myself..but most of them were too expensive and only available in US.

The "leftover" which can be bought in Singapore were either too long or too short for me.LOL
Well, it's a good thing to RECYCLE your clothing and make it look good still.

Be it a long top...
or a tug in top..Still look decent!:D

HAHA!I guess this is consider a tutorial on how to revamp your usual
denim pants to hot ripped attitude looking pants?!:D

Oh well, im bit NIAO..i doesn't like to spend money on un-neccessary stuff!
And i like to DIY too! Hope that gonna save your money after reading this?
FYI, i just realised the new trend for this year was actually ripped hot pants.

Wah..good taste LINDA!=X
OH! anyway, im turning 21 next year..but im still having about 1.9k in my edusave..
Where does the money goes to if i reach 21??
I haven been using them since i enter my poly man! OMGGGGG!


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