Korea cuisine and chill out

Saturday, October 2, 2010

After my fyp in school, i went to clarke quay to meet my girls.
Wanted to go timbre @ arthouse, but that day was so packkk...OH NO!=(

I like my hair today. Very neat and clean.

But i spray alot alot of hair fixer man..Im using lucido anyway.So far so good.

Big wind blow, i doesn't have to worry my hair get messy. LOL

Sometimes, i did suspect my fyp lab used to be a place to put the corpse...
SO COLD LA! Not for human man. But lucky i brought my leg warmer, which i can use it for my arms or my leg..Very light and very convenience..You can't wear your jacket on your leg, can't you? LOL.

And yes, a new tips to lighten your loads in my bag!:D

So we went to nearby pub area to have our korean cuisine dinner and minds cafe to chill!
It's an authentic korean dishes but the price wasn't that cheap uh.
This hotpot is great! But i will say....hotpot maggi mee lo.
Which you can get the taste and ingredient easily and cheap from NTUC market.LOL
Oh ya, i like this...
Spicy rice cake..
I love this!(:

That's so much about my dinner but i enjoyed it alot because it's with the right friend!!
Agree? Yea.
Will be updating my trip on cruise soon!
I ate alotttttt there! Thou the food wasn't so "UNIQUE" or Extremely nice.LOL

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