Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Eh, iphone's camera not as good as my milestone lehhhh!!!=(((
I missed my milestone so much la!
My eyebag is the power one.
This is what it gonna happen to you if you guys don't get enough sleep and always sleep late!
SO GO SLEEP NOW! Don't blog hop already, read finish mine go "KUN"(SLEEP in hokkien).
Other people one don't read nvm! HA HA HA!
After this entry, alot blogger gonna strangle me already.

It's my third day of internship today.
I alr made two mistakes already in the company...=((
Now, i realised organising and tidiness is super important.. Especially for people like me who is unorganised.LOL

Nvm, im super blur today that i threw my iphone4 down the bin when i discard my rubbish.
OMG..until i walked for like 5mins, then i realise the phone not in my bag anymore..
I ran back to my office and i thought it was there, then my table was clear!!!!

The next thing i know was, my phone is in the bin for sure..I ran down and open the bin cover, my beloved Little miss white was there lying dead on my rubbish bag.

Poorthing uh.LOL.
But heng heng i found it back leh! And lucky nobody threw any rubbish there, only mine.
Now i know why my Mum doesn't allow me to travel liaooo..
I might just threw my passport off the plane someday or sooner.LOL
FYI, my passport is locked in my mum's drawer. Poorthing leh, i cannot fled from home liaoo.=(
Just kidding!
P.s: I promise i will never be "UP" that russel la!
"With this baby, you will never get lost!"
Btw, i've been eating alot of fruits these days, hawaiian papaya is super sweet and nutritious!
Go get some if you wanna detox off those bumps on your face. And Flatten those fat on your tummy. :D
My skin are not as good when i was younger but....
I manage to keep so pimples off my face when the period is attacking.
Drink loads of bittergourd soup before period and Red dates longan soup after the cycle.
Bittergourd- Detox, purifying, cleansing
Red dates longan soup- Circulate bloods
Regarding acne scar clearing, you guys have to be consistence over your products for brightening and whitening in order to see the effect.
For mine, my acne scar is on and off..They are time bombs..
After they recovers, new rash attack, and leave footprints..and not all scars can be cleared or reduce. So i would say, just be careful when there's pimple, keep them away from your dirty fingers and apply pimple cream at night. Masks is good.
Most importantly, remember to scrub your face 3-4 times a week.
Exfoliating aids in recovering light scars and reducing deep scars. And forming new skin helps to absorbed your skin product beta and faster so your products will work at it's best.
Last thing, do not apply too much stuff on your skin at night.
Let them rest. A toner and cream is good enuff after cleansing.
Thats how i realise la, i don't believe in some girls who already have good skin and t
eaching on skin maintaining...Becos, their skin is so neutral to everything already, whats the point of taking trying..You know it would works for you.LOL
Thats y im always trying new products that works, i checked ingredient of a product before purchasing..And not based on Blogger's reviews.
Believe it or not, my skin is bad, but it's going beta after the worst because i trust my own judgement than others.
Im not 100% sure that the method i used was good for you guys but it works for a lousy complexion like mine. It should work beta for you guys!:)
And i would say, stop using so much chemical on your skin, take in fruits and vege is the most natural ways and healthier ways to get the glow inner out.
But if you were on a Skip-meal diet, forget about getting beautiful skin.
Either you wan a nice skin or you wan a beautiful body.
I tried it i know the result..and it's not worth the risk to ditch FOOD for your body.
I got really thin hair and bad skin when im on diet. I look older! OMG.
So don't try that, but you can try a 3 days fruit detoxing diet once a month it's good.
But not 365 days a year fruit diet la.:D
Have a balance diet and you will get both of the ways you want!(:
Brisk walk is fine too!(:

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