Rojukiss white stim cell white natural review

Friday, November 26, 2010

Received a few products from confirm trading on rojukiss.
The bb cream, the whitening set and anti aging set.
I decided to try out the whitening ones a month ago till now.
A month may sounds long, but seriously in order to get the bigger difference in skin tone, 1 month is consider short.

Enough of talking..I shall let you see the result.
Fyi, if you're borne with darker skin tone, it may takes a longer time to see the result.
For me, i used more of the brown tone which is probably a stronger remedy to cure darker spots more than the lighter tone ones..
But cannot use too much ok! Cos any products if over used them will clog pores or rashes which is not very good..So use them in adequate amount. Don't spam too much on your skin in night..very bad de.
Ugly marks and dull skin tone.
Abit fairer, marks reduced.
But always remember, if you want to get the best result,
your daily diet is very important.
Kiwi and tomato taken before breakfast heals your marks faster.
Im still having red scars on my cheek,just that the lighting and flash doesnt make it that obvious.

But still, my marks did lightens a little bit.LOL

Im happy enuff, as they were not so red and annoying that my concelaer could now blend and hide them easily!(:

Let me go deeper in explaining to you, WHY THEY ARE SO RELIABLE AND WORTH IT!!

The Rojukiss Stem Cell White Serum (10mlx3 S$59.90) comes in two different formulas for different skin types:

Formula 1: For light skin tone which gets darker
Formula 2: For more tanned/darker skin tone

It contains Nano White Particle 50,000 Molecule ; of which these tiny particles which are even smaller than the hair on our face are capable of deep penetration and allows for fast absorption by the skin. Apply this after cleansing and gently massage it into the skin.

Cleansing foam (100ml S$29.90, refill 100ml S$19.90) will rid accumulated dirt while whitening the skin and providing oil control. As it's a bubble foam up cleanser, it will get rid of accumulated dead skin cells to restore a brighter complexion.

The day cream (30ml S$45.00) SPF40++ comes in 2 formulas : one for oily, acne-prone skin and another for normal to dehydrated skin.
The one for acne and oily skin gives oil control coverage of up to 12hours and lessens the occurrence of acne. While the one for normal to thirsty skin helps retain moisture for up to 12 hours. Both day creams are SPF40+++ and this protects the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

The night cream
(30ml S$45.00) rejuvenates and restores lackluster skin as it exfoliates accumulated dead cells and encourage new skin cell regeneration.While also stimulating moisture production and locking in moisture to keep skin hydrated.

Rojukiss Stem Cell Whitening products boasts of the following 3 innovative technologies:

1) Stem white cells - Revives deep-dull and damage cell to accelerate new cell regeneration for whiter, brighter, steady, fading red-dark spot from acne and sun freckles
2) Pink Blushing White Growth - Increases every cell’s energy circulation for blushing skin effect
3) Mela-less Skin Blocker - Block the UV damaging signal from sun and the others to retain white skin

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