Monday, November 29, 2010

My mum told me lemon juice is harmful to our gastric if taken too much a week.
1-2 cup per week is good enough. Well, i took it almost everyday during my fyp, no wonder my stomach feels so sour..LOL
This was taken during my last day of cruise with my family.
I miss the blanket there..So cosy!:D
But think of the amount of people sharing it, it kinda turns me off..lols
Yakult gonna be my best friend from today onwards!:D
I went Amk today just to get my breadtalk wholemeal walnut raisin loaf for my breakfast.
Im starting a healtheir diet for the sake of my skin and body again:D

But, whenever i went to Ang mo kio, i could not resist the temptation of food.
If you guys are looking for a real good LOR MEE, go to S11 kopitiam..
There's a small store beside the western store sells really nice lor mee..
If im not wrong, i taste crab meat in the sauce itself, and i got quite strong tastebud for those "secret" ingredient!:D

Trust me, you will only go there for lor mee after you taste it...
Again, if you guys think KOI has the best milktea in singapore..
Let me tell you the BEST BEST THING in my life i just drank today!
Also a taiwan milktea but was much interesting and worth the price too.
Pudding milktea- the first cup that caught my heart!!!!!

It's also quite near to s11 kopitiam, the one that is next to the another bubbletea shop that sells tako yaki, if you guys always passby??LOL

舒沛飲品 origin from taiwan. They even have the website too!Ai sehhh!:D
Hope you guys love it too!

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