Saturday, November 27, 2010

I do not have a really good features, and good complexion..

So makeup is always my best friend ever since my prom night.:D

People can go out with bare face, and some can't.

Just like me!:D

Well, but that doesn't mean is the end of the world.

God is fair, he did not give me a angel face but he gave me a master fairy art talent.

A very good hand to create wonders..LOL

HOY HOY HOY, guys don't anyhow think ok!

I mean a magic hand to DRAW
not for other purpose ok!:D

Like this style?

Im using CUskin Bb cream, loreal true match foundation, maybelline concealer, maquilage concealer for udner eyes, rhomblon eyebrow pencil, rhomblon eyeliner, darknes's korean eye lash code:VX, and some weird branding mascara from sasa and can make orange blusher and lancome juicy tube lipgloss .

One day, my elder sis came to me and asked me to perform my magic on her.
And i agreed.

This is her usual makeup:

After the dramatic changes, she finally looked like one of us sister now.


Big eyes lens plays a important roles in making you eyes the center of attractions.

Even with light makeup, you can still look great!(:

Who says you will looked like a monster with lil or no makeup if ya wearing big eyes lens...

Hope this change your mind on big eyes lens..They are not gonna make you scary but in fact make you addictive!:D

Wonder what contact lens will i be introducing soon??

Stay tune for upcoming updates!(:

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