Bio essence Multi-effect BB cream

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My dark rings and ugly marks reduced!!
This is BB cream without powder on.
In case your wondering..Yea..i did trim my brows and draw them!:D
The bb cream coverage to might not se my brows after the application.
The before photo is not taken instantly on the spot..duhh..
No point taking 101 different before photo when you're looking at only the result!:D

Might look bit oily..but after the application, press your tissue paper lightly on your face to even out the excess cream if you find it bit oily looking. You might look bit fair for awhile and slowly the cream will blend super well into your skin tone... *MAGIC*
In just less than bb cream blends into my skin tone alr.
And still looking fresh and not oily!:D
Dewy, hydrate, younger,brighter and chio-er looking complexion in just 2mins.

Getting the Korean girls look is that simple.
A good bb cream and loose powder will do the job.
Btw, i did not dapped on any powder after the bb cream alr..

But if you want a matte looking skin, dapped abit of loose powder will do..
This bb cream does not make my skin turn very oily after staying in my office for long.

In fact it controls my oil sebum quite well. So far, no clog pores and stuff.
I dun need concealer after this bb cream..As it already manage to conceal 90% of my ugly scars.

Save alot time alr. YEAHHH!(:
They are now available at guidance!(:
Grab urs now.
THANK YOU THESAMPLESTORE for the opportunity to try them out.
Wahh...they always give hor liao de.LOLOL
Not bad huh!(:

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