Thursday, December 9, 2010

It’s the TIME OF THE YEAR! December marks the end of exams, collection of year-end bonuses and most importantly, NON-STOP HARDCORE PARTYING!

KHRONOSPHERE Productions proudly presents you with our latest event: a TRAFFIK LIGHT AFFAIR. This is one TRAFFIK LIGHT you won’t want to MISS. As a matter of fact, ALL of you fun-loving, party-crazy, booze-drinking, song fanatics and dance maniacs have already been summoned by our VERY SENSU...AL parking attendants! These foxes will be present to give out free drink coupons to you.... Take them if you dare!

We are definitely not kidding when we say BOOZE-DRINKING. We know many of you out there enjoy blowing your horns rambling about how much you can drink. Sure anyone can talk the talk, but hey, can YOU WALK the WALK at our beer-drinking contests?! Prizes to be won!

Not forgetting, mixing things up will be none other than DJ KEVIN!! He will definitely blow your minds (and ears) away with his skills and hand-picked selection of choice songs.

Ever spotted that chick around the corner or that Hunk with killer dance moves but AFRAID to make a move? FRET NOT because you no longer need to risk being embarrassed as everyone will be dressed in 3 colours representing their relationship status: RED (taken), AMBER(its complicated), GREEN(available). Don’t need to thank us if you don’t need to go back alone! Of course, it is also a great opportunity to widen that already huge social circle of yours!

Wait no longer!! Join our event at ST JAMES POWERHOUSE, 21st DECEMBER 2010 (TUESDAY), for one TRAFFIK LIGHT AFFAIR you don’t want to end!
DRESS CODE (R/S status) : RED if you are taken, AMBER if it's complicated,
GREEN if you're available!

Ticket price: $20 standard
Date:21 Dec 2010 9PM to 22 DEC 2010 3AM
Location: St James powerhouse

Additional info:
- Mixed age party.
- Entry requirements: 16 years old and above.
- Identification card is required for age verification.
- Only customers 18 years of age and above will be tagged and
allowed to purchase/consume alcohol.
- Should any conflict arise, the final decision will be fully decided by
the organizing committee.
- Tickets sold are non-refundable.
- Club rules apply.
Come join us!!!!!!!
Be the loudest!Be the fiercest! Be the outstanding!
p.s : Come support me la! Buy for your dates or gf ok?!:D
For gfs, get your bfs to pay!:D

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