Bio essence Platinum bb cream- Looking ann-neoh chic

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sorry if i type it wrong.LOL
Oh well, K-craze has been really hot recently.
And probably loads of girls and guy might wana follow the trend too?
Wanna look like a korean star with the least powder?

Receive my tube of bb cream from THESAMPLESTORE.I tried it with doubt, and now....i use it without DOUBTS.
I just love my look now without all my fake lash and eyeliner..

Just bb cream and loose powder.

Before i perform my magic again...:D
I must say i love the new look.LOL
Highly coverage and more matte look.
Natural and not too fair. THUMBS UP*

8 IN 1 bio essence bb cream is your current favourite?
How bout 10 IN 1??
This Platinum bb cream contain a rare metal that helps to revitalise and aids in whitening..
Contain SPF25/PA++, sunblock level not too high, so doesn't clog your pores badly.
Whats more, you can look at your best while your letting your skin to breathe with lesser makeup.....*UP UP UP*

And now, you can have the korean natural makeup look. Without looking too pale!:)
Yes, a more advance BB cream from bio essence for the beauties who wanna be the beauty of the beauty? Hurhur...
Don't believe what you see in my blog? Come try them to prove me wrong then.
You gonna love them like you love your bf.LOL


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