To fall and learn.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hey, im back sweet ones....YOU YOU YOU AND YOU!(:
Many things happened these few days..And it makes me grew smarter and of course i gain confidence and many more after each incident.

And i realised, a man who love you will never leave you even if you doesnt have him in your heart anymore. Love is different from Like.

You can have many LIKES but you can only have one to LOVE.
I gain confidence from the one i like and he who likes me for who am i..and i become more sensitive towards people from the one who love me and he who i care for too. The likes will only become love is only when the love in your heart fades off before you can have it stay well.
But how long does it takes for the old feeling to go off before the like can fit into your heart?
I nv experience b4, lol!

It's always hard to understand why people choose to go when they love or like you so much.
But one thing i learnt was, they left for your own good. Unless they flirt la, otherwise, pls do not categorise those Hongster(PLAYERS) into this line.

But in the end, you can never have two of them in ur life when there's feelings for more than 1 person. And one of them will never be able to stay as friend no matter who you choose.

And thats where we have to make our decision. To stay for the one who love u or the one you like. But i guess, im still too young to think of it. And such that, one of them made the decision for me. And of course it hurts be it who.

Both of them were too alike, in personality, characters, probably thinking and also style of doing things. LOL..well, it's really so coincident but i will have to say...what's yours is yours.

I would admit im pretty dumb and silly and dependant most the time. I tends to make wrong decision or say the wrong things. But what i said is definitely honest if i really look at you in the eyes. And i will only trust you when you exchange the same look back and i can feel it.

In the end, the LIKE decided to leave for the LOVE and the LOVE decided to leave as well for the LIKE. I was really confused by them and really mad at them. But what they did, i knew it's all good for me.

When the LIKE call back, i begin to feel sorry for the LOVE.
And when the LIKE left, the LOVE came and feel for me.
Then, i realised LOVE is meant to stay n be there.

And yes, i value all this incident that happens around me and i appreciate what they does for me.
I learnt to be more understanding and more sensitive in emotions.
I did not cheat on any guy and that's the best part of me in my whole life.

I thankful for everything they did. I did not feel sorry for myself after this.

I made my promise to the LOVE and i will do it.
And i really mean it. The LOVE never dies.
If you ever meant a guy or girl who loves you so much that they would give u up just to let you feel happy to be with the other guy and secretly stays behind to cares for you...
They are the one you should stay. And they are the ones will give you happiness.


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