Rojukiss Protox Range- Getting old, looking young

Sunday, December 19, 2010

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Received a few range of rojukiss product from ConfirmTrading.
Tried this protox range for Anti Aging purposes.
And yea, you might be wondering why do we have to use this, we are still young what.
You're wrong. Our skin doesnt just go old only when we are old or older..
Sun damage is one of the main reason why our face are lack of elasticity and radiance.
We cannot avoid sun and the only way to reduce UV damage to our skin is to
get protection from sunblock...
Sunblock doesnt not fully protect our skin from UV ray, and our skin will still get the UV somehow and somewhat. And as time goes by, our face will start to age very fast even at our age. In order to look young still when you're older is to have a suitable skin renewal product to go along with your sunblock, in order to get the maximum benefit
for both day and night protection.
My skin is very badly damage due to overuse of skin products and sun exposure.
And they are not working very well in absorbing any products..
All i can do was to slowly let my old skin renew and the only way to let them breathe well.
Too much makeup is another reason for aging skin.
And many more reason, you never realise and never know that is harmful too!
I've tried protox anti aging range from rojukiss about a month ago.
Till now, i guess their magic works for me..
It's not bout the makeup that change a person's look but the inner care you did for your skin.
If you skin is bad and aging, makeup will not be able to reverse or hide the look of it.
Let's see the EXAMPLE!:)
The eye area very dry and the skin is not as glowy..even with makeup.
Really bad.
After 1 month...
No thick lash, no thick eyeliner, no concealer.
Seeing may not be believing, but trust me,
this product really work well for time aging.
Interested to try them out?

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