Fair, food, timbre:D

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Met up with Eli and go for our Freshlook lens appointment for ou Upcoming Eye for beauty challenge on Mar12.
Went to career fair with Eli.
Then had our dinner. Pasta mania and rosti plus Frozen yougurt.:D
And yes, i did not fast for cayenne pepper diet for that day.
Anyway, cayenne pepper does really works is burning calories.
During the diet, i had salads.:)
It's not affecting the detoxing, it's helping and healthier:)
This is very fattening, people who really wanna lost those Lard.
DUN TAKE THEM! Im an exception, because i wouldnt give up food la.HHAAA

Went timbre after that.
Met up with Rochelle, Jer and xiu.
Im darn full for the pizza and mushroom and calamari rings.OMG

I just realised, i've yet to snap some shot with jer and xiu!!!=(

Neh-mind, i will get the phots from rochelle soon! Hee hee

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