Good fren, fat fren..Fat tgt thats why we are frens.:D

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Met up with my Sis Kaikai for jap Cuisine and sweet treats.

I got loads of skinny bestie!

Feel so fat now!=(
She's so cute right?! Sucha cutie.

I remember i knew her since the FRIENDSTER era.LOL

So long leh!!

Their fried gyoza. *THUMBS UP*

This jap restaurant @ Raffles place.

Love their EGGS! Super shiok!

After that, we went fruit paradise for their Dessert.
So colourful and cute.

This is the Strawberry Mont blanc. We were like tasting the Chestnut cream

surrounding the pie. We can really taste the Chestnut leh..You know those Roasted chestnut?

Rose Tea. So soothing:) Hello Roses!:) The dying roses in the tea pot.LOL


Met up with Sweet Veron.

And we like never stopped interacting those foods with our muth.

Input of Food is more than the Output of the words for that day!:D

We never missed our favourite ice cream everytime we meetup.

Im seeing pretty Aki the next day.:D
Dinner at Tcc.:D

Had the super fattening Durian puff.
And she blame me that i influence the Gluttoness to her.
She see my face she hungry alr..I got so delicious not?LOL
Meetup with veron for our girly Stayover!:D
All night movies and seaweed chewing.
Our dinner was awesome!:D
She said i pass my flu to her that night..
Oh yea, i guess i came to see her with my super jialat flu..Sneezing my nose off from morning to morning..Yes..last morning to this morning..And it's not over yet!=(
SORRY VERON! I was trying to make u sleep early so you will be able to be prepared for your new job soon! No need scare! Im so thoughtful. Please love me more ok!LOL
Oh ya..i mastered my Cereal Prawn last tue..
I made Cereal Prawn with Aglio Olio for my Dad.
He said, it was ok..(not bad) know guys never like to admit the truth la.LOL
Taste good leh!:D
He never compliment me before lo! First time! First time!:D
I gonna keep practicing till it can be on market value kind!
But i hope till then i wouldnt have the "Chef Sydrome"..
Which many calls it, "BIG BELLY".
Oh nooooooo....
p.s: I know you guys hate me, cos i got to see so many gorgeous people in a week!
Hate to say that, I LOVE IT!:D

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