Thursday, March 24, 2011

WOOAHH..I just checked my blog today and realise many familiar nicks on my tagboard spamming me..OH WELL!

Some people created forums to critise me uh??OK LO..
Thanks for the exposure, losers.:)

You can spam all you like and i will still reply u nonsense..BECOS IM SUPER FRIENDLY:)
And i believe forgiving retards is very imprt..My mum told me!:)

FYI, i still wanna thks you spammers..COS YOU ALL ARE GIVING ME UNIQUES.
And im earning money from your visits..THANKS UH!:)

Well, i definitely do not mind if you like to leave some critism on my blog..
And i will not scold you for being rude..
Cos you people doesnt know me well:)

Anyway, people who cannot accept the fact that they are speaking senselessly....
i will forgive them too..

I shall let them have a chance to spam and spam till they grew up and get a life.
So forum is the life you all want?
Please, spend that time working isnt that's beta? You guys should start earning..


Say all you guys like ok..Cos you do not know me:)
Oh ya..thanks for the uniques again!:D

Your spamming is accepted here and im not pissed off by that thou.
HAHA! This is not working ppl. :)

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