Sunday, March 13, 2011

Smoky eyes that day for freshlook contest.:D
Bit not so nice uh..

Had Pasta mania again:D
Aglio Olio prawn. I think it's darn nice.
I still asked for more garlic. HAHA!
Garlic is good for skin leh! Eat more eat more. But never had them on your first date,
if you wana use your killer breath on them.. :)
We had Tze Char for dinner with ah yang and ah ni.
Super full. But i guess i had extra space for dessert.
We passby geylang and was tempted by the Durian aroma.:D
But thaiyboy dun let me eat!!!=(

Sometimes we should be contented with what we have.
Thou it might not goes the same as what we hope it will, but it least it's the same point afterall.
It's how others put it in words or actions.
I call this LOVE.

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