Freshlook Eye for Beauty Contest

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Met up with eli for Freshlook contest @ Paragon.
HAHA!Given only 10 mins for eye makeup.
Not easy leh!
Fresh look lens is pretty comfy and natural but i still prefer my eyes BIG and those EXTREMELY BIG kind thou!
After my contest had my lunch at pasta mania..Super full alr and we still had frolick!

Sometimes, i hope i would look like a vampire.
I find them so hot!! what say you??:)
Friday Royal Salute Whisky dinner event was a successful one.
I manage to pull thru the events with my 5.5inches darn high heels without tripping.
And also, the caucasian models were really friendly and nice too!
Hee, new friends after that event:)
But i got really bad neck now??

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