Friday, April 22, 2011

Im back.
Im not very busy but pretty lazy thou!:D

I gonna brush up some recent things i did..
Went for REV Car Mag Shoot. So coincident that Joyce worked for STUFF Mag!

Ok, so im shooting for Sister company of STUFF, REV. Which happen to be same office.

Wed, met up with Francesca for CHIC MAG shoot.
OK, both REV and CHIC makeup artist love to trim my brows!
Either they think sweeter looks suits me, or my brows is simply to hairy.
Im left with line thin brows now..Eyebrow pencil is my best buddy now!LOL

Worked for Puma Social Event at Old school with Sheena, Charmaine, Reiee, Chloe and shine.
Really fun and easy job. Nth sleazy, in fact, darn hip and sporty.
I find it cute that they are having Foosball, pingpong and some mini games for public and celebrities to participate...in the "YOUNG NIGHT". From 8-12am...Yea, people say the night is still young..For me who doesnt club find it late night...Cos i was pretty tired by 10pm.LOL
Good that the music is pumping everybody up and high.. making everything fun.

Had Dim sum at Geylang, "Wen Dao Shi". OKOK..tie to control my appetite!LOL

Met Joyce today, had KFC.

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