Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Went for quite few interview on marketing.
And i realised, i should really stop dreaming!HAHAHS
Ok, i decided to apply for designer job instead. Think bout it, visual mechandising seems fun leh!!!

Anyway, went for a markteting company for interviews today.
3 hrs of interviews and thats only 2 interviews, i still need to go down for 3rd ones other days.
WTF? So i rises my white flag on the spot and left.

This is not SIA lo! So many interviews just for a Marketing job..=.=

Oh well, i gonna face the fact, im a designer/animator..i must stop escaping from the realistic world.
Hate it. I must well do events and shoot till i old already than work full time..Earn even more lo!!!=(

Super sian..please pray that i got a decent job soon!LOL
I dun wan be a wandering ghost outside offices...

And i hate naggings from my mum!!!!
At least a $2k/mth is good enuff! Right right?:D

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