Why suffer when you can enjoy ?!:D

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Went esplanade yesterday.

Slacking and slacking.

Oh well, im still looking for job. Im not picky but just doesnt like to work for any job that is related to what im studying.:D

Few days back, went to funan it mall and queensway for my fitting.

Wanted to eat their in-famous tony cafe's fried chicken rice. But we're late!;(

Super thick lash!:D

Something i learnt from guys and some girls...

If a guy really love you, he can put down whatever thing he used to love

just to make sure you're happy and safe.

Some say,

you have to give him space..

You have to give him face...

you have to give him do what he likes..

If a guy complains bout not having enuff space?

Either you're really possessive..


He doesn't enjoy been with you.

See for yourself. Im not experienced. But in this world other than mother theresa,

everybody is selfish.

You wanna be a big heart lover then go share your love to charity.

People think or themselves before any others.

And thats true..for example...

"People donated money to charity= Hope to get more blessing from god for been kind"

It's an act of asking for a return for doing deeds.

And people believes that doing deeds will help to get more blessing for their family and stuff.

Isnt that asking for returns?

No need to say about love.

Something so vulnerable yet so dangerous.

Either you fall deep into the pit or the other.

There is no equal treatment in love.

Need me say more?

I understand why girls who ran away for richer man,

always had a man who sounds and look so pathetic. Act like the girl is sucha bitch.

Cos the best actor in this world is still the guys.

Woman is made of water..very easy they can flow into your heart and understand you.

They can give you all their love and soul. But what makes them become hard like rock?

A man's lie.

Once a liar, always a liar. Cos one have to use to lie to cover another lie.

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