Ginvera Green Tea series Product Review

Friday, May 13, 2011

Fresh and natural look all day.
Solution lies in GINVERA GREEN TEA Whitening moisturiser and BB cream.

I usually go for a matte texture look and i practically slap ALOT OF POWDER of my face.

Then i realise that, as time goes by, my skin getting more n more haggard.

It's like the powder eating up my skin colour. But the truth is.. The large amount of products applied unto our face kinda works like a Shelter, that block the sun, and our skin gets little air and the natural sunlight that causes it to lose the shine and glow.


For my case, im having acne and scarring problems..

So im pretty conscious about hiding those marks. Thats y i keep dapping and camouflaging them. Failed to realise im not giving my skin a chance to recover and my skin condition become worse.

I decided, i should let my skin rest and you know, it's not easy for girls who often put on makeup to go out without anything... So i took up this advert for Ginvera from THESAMPLESTORE.

As well as to give myself a chance to see if it works la. :D

Ginvera's quite a well known brand among the mature age people.
My mum love ginvera as they are more natural-based products and not too strong for their skin.

Whereas, young people like us always have a wrong concept that, the stronger the chemical, the better the result.


Imagine, when your skin get use to the current STRONG product that you are using.

It will no longer work as good as before. And you will have to constantly source for stronger products to mainatin your complexion. Which eventually gonna cause you MORE EFFORT, MONEY AND WORSEN YOUR SKIN.

From don't know which day onwards, after knowing the fact about using natural and gentle products benefit, i give a try on using gentle foams like, Garnier..

And probably toner that is alcohol free. My complexion become better, lesser clog pores..

And of course, a good makeup remover is the most important!!:D
And slowly, i feel better and more confidence about my nude face.

Naturally, i reduce on makeup.

I go for a lighter based bb cream and focus more on protection and whitening.

This tube of magic gonna be my breakfast everyday!:D

NEW Aqua Whitening Cream (with Oil Control) Suitable for Normal/Combination Skin

Enriched with Green Tea Essence, Thanaka Extracts and Biogel, Ginvera Green Tea Aqua Whitening Cream.

HELP: Skin whitening, UV protection, oil control,
lightening of spots and acne scars, prevents the formation of pimples.

Its deep moisturizing and oil control effects help to effectively hydrate and clarify the skin for natural and radiant glow!

$16.90 Net weight 40g

The cream is pretty light.
Easy to apply as well.
The smell is GOOD!:D
I felt that most ginvera products smells really nice leh!
Abit dewy and quite glowy..
The Cons for this product gonna massage bit longer so it doesnt feel so oily.
It's cream based product not gel , so might take some time for your skin to absorb them in.

The pro is.. After few mins, after the product been absorb into my skin,
my whole face looks brighter and least haggard.
Sorry for the Blur images.(my camera's dying).
Ginvera Greentea nude cover BB cream.
Light and smooth when apply.
It's very much like the texture for Bio essence Aqua Bb cream.
Those people who used it will know:)

This new formula is uniquely blended with Green Tea Extracts which contains a large amount
of anti-­‐oxidants to help fight against free radical damage and help prevent fine lines.

It is also enhanced with Allantoin, a valuable cell-­‐proliferating healing agent which stimulates
healthy tissue formation as well as Hyaluronic acid for intense hydration and precious herb
extracts Ginseng and Angelica to nourish and hydrate skin.

It also helps control oil, moisturize
while providing superior protection against UV rays and natural pollutants!
Its multiple efficacies as an oil control makeup base, sunscreen as well as foundation keeps you
looking fair, beauIful and effortlessly good, the easy way!

HELP: Nourish skin, protect complexion against free radical damage ,prevent the formation
of dark spots. Balance skin tone, brighten complexion.

Result after apply.
I would say, this BB cream suits people who like nude makeup,
The coverage wasnt too high and it manage to blend into your skin without looking too fair.
Reduces the looks of enlarge pores as well.

But of course, i will apply bit concealer for my marks and eyecircles plus bit loose powder to finish the look. You can ditch the Loose powder if you prefer a dewy look.

Surprisingly, it doesnt look oily..After apply, it kinda look glowy plus abit matte.

HAHA!try it yourself if you think im lying!:)

My skin still looks good even after my gym!:D

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