Birthday week

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My bday coming, and im really excited!:D
I have already received three advance bday gifts and they were really interesting .

1st one from Eric Tang, my photographer whom i know him for very long!! Since i started my modelling and so on..We had a clique of friend who always go for food outing!!:D

He gave me a set of ANGRY BIRD!:D

So cute la....OMGGG..And eric was sick, coughing really badly.
Hope he recover soon! And we can start our food outing at Adelphi too!

2rd one from Michael Kwah, (Yea, the cute police in the 9pm ,Channel 8 show)..
He happen to be my sis friend and friend's friend. Mutual friend.

He gave me a carton of Yogurt and Yakult!!:D

Lift it up, those yogurt and vitagen on the top..
There's more!:D

Tell me how not to love my friends..they are just so cute la!!

And lastly,
Our family always have a good Public relation with our neighbours..
And my Neighbour just gave me Ang Pow :D

Im so excited to see my lovely friend, and all my love finally can put tgt in a day!

I gonna die of happiness suffocation!:D

Im already feeling the blissful liao! Heehee..


Im kinda of having very weird feeling ever since last week.

My heartbeat super fast, im enegetic the whole day but i feel tired somewhere.

My head is spinning, constantly spinning like hangover and jet lag.

And im losing weight...I guess i overwork myself.

Hmm...An excuse to take a rest off gym.:D

I have not been eating well too, i had only yogurt in the morning..

And half the bun for lunch, and almost nth or lil thing for dinner.

Wondering it's the symdrome of Anorexic?:D

I hope so..Im too greedy..I should get bit eating disorder to control my appetite!

Before I become too fat to squeeze in the morning Train!

Or maybe i worked too much, i just need sleep!;(

I worked events still which i had part time and full time. My mum very worried i will die of exhaustion..but i feel that im ok and perfectly fine. Just a drop of appetite recently. thigh still got fats for my energy to burn..I would become bones la!:D


  1. hi! i'm a bit concerned about the symptoms you've been having for a week now. it might be that you have high levels of thyroid hormone or it might be innocent(just stress) however i do advise that you get your thyroid hormones checked dear just to be safe :) take care and have fun on your bday!

    1. Hi Beautyeditorwannabe, sorry for the late reply. I checked with doctor, they cant determine any result on this cases. Its more like stress only. Thank you sweet!