Saturday, June 25, 2011

The day before, on the my elder sis bought me

Swensen Ice cream cake to surprise me at night.


Francesca, my bitchy sweet babe.
We love to check out hot girls!
I met her thru Junyi at furniture fair. Very caring very very sweet.

Those are my lovely ex school mate.

10+ years of friendship.

Been thru ups and down..Rain and shine.
We are still together.

We go crazy together, fun together, havoc together and grow together.

We maybe childish but deep in our heart we grow and we learn from one another.

We understand one anotherso much that hurtful stuff comes out from our mouth

is a joke and nth pierce into our hearts.

Those beautiful girls here made a hole in my heart.
Hard to breathe if they were to leave my life.

From 2007 to 2011..They are the ones who care and love me alot.

Give me loads of laughter as we worked together and go out together!:)
Family, nothing beats the relationship within us.

What can i say? I love them.

Without them i just cnt imagine my life would be.

Amaryllis, met her thru Audrey and Shuana.

Sweet ambitious lady whom never fail to give up on love.

She's very cute, way before i met her, she will always LIKED something in fb probably once on photo or comment!:D

YES!I notice her!:D

The side supporter of yishun ppl.THANKS ALOT!
Michelle, hongkai, michelle, jiaquan, xu cheng..

Rebecca, my colleague. Natural joker, fun and nice lady!

She looked like a poly student lo!OMG! Young mama.
This girls..sucha harmless sweet babes,

they are not as danerous and evil and nasty as what you think they are.

And probably they are the filtered out best girls among the others in this line!


Sad to say, but i never like to hang out with ppl who think too highly of themselves or

girls who have , "心机" Pardon if i got the second word wrong!:D


And yes, i basically really know how to make friend and really know how to differentiate

real friends and flirts.

Eric's a nice guy that i've met thru wlny in the past,then we came to know more thru fb.

Very helpful and friendly too!!:)

He got a cute cat!:D
And cat lover always very gentle. He is! Very nice man.

Kiyomi(right), met her thru Aki's photoshoot.

Very Jap inspired cute lady:)
My crazy and loving Poly mate.

Who says Poly friends can only be Hi-Bye friend?!

This will not happen becos i treasure them and they are the ones who cherish me too!

I pick my friends and im always sticking to those im comfortable with.

They protect me and shower me loads of care.

Most importantly, we go crazy together and we share our love.

Basically, i stick to my comfort zone and my friends will not get SHITS from me,

all they are seeing and getting from me are the REAL ME:)

When there's true love, there's true bonding within anybody!:) Sheena, very very very sweet babe i know from STUFF magazine.

She's my buddy for the shoot. And we happen to get closer n friendier each time we met.

It seems like we've know each other for very long.

She is so real! She taught me few stuff in life.

Oh ya, she wasnt feeling well and she came down just for me.

I feel so guilty and so blessed. I LOVE U SHEENA! Reiee(right), she very steady one. Ask her go anywhere, she sure on one!


She will never let you down. So friendly and probably too nice!

She had never "DAO" me before even the first time i met her.

If im not wrong, I met her from Gatsby dance event. Correct me if im wrong, reiee.:)

She's one kind who willing to do extra mile just to brighten up ppl's day!:)

Jen, extreme left sitted down.

She's so nice! I first met her thru Alison from one private event.

She might be the in charge or whatsoever, she had never put her weights on us.

Worked with her second time and she is still as caring for us girls.

She's a vegetarian. :D

My cute niece and nephew.

Pretty Aki.

I ifrst met her, she's my organiser for photoshoot.

Couples of shoots after the Charlotte's and sophia's era.LOL

She is so selfless, caring and fun-loving.

She talked about almost anything and we never had to bitch on other girls to get our topic started. She is just so sweet. We got no secret between us.
Kaikai sis and her Bf CK.

I met Kaikai since the Friendster Era.

Woah..thats super long. like 8years+ since we met.

Always that caring and nice, cute and knowledgeable.

I had my first manicure done with her. And she's totally talented!:D

Kaikai sis treat me like her own sis, knowing im broke..

she will treat me out for lunch or dinner. She gave me 101% care and she's very thoughtful.

Sophia, first met her when i go for my photoshoot.

Shuana was there. Sophia was really understanding and sweet.

I remember Shuana and i bought Durian mousse, durian milkshake, durian cake, durian swissroll and puff for Sophia on her bday..We had steamboat too!

One thing i like about her, she's observant.:D
Sharhrils and Tanat, very supportive guys i know from photoshoot and Hey gorg.

Karhao, School mate.

Friendly nice chap. Another steady one.

He came together with Luke.

The winnie the pooh look a like man whom i crap alot with.

Luke too camera shy, so that night..none of us get a shot of him. Aw.....

Did i mention Aki was really sweet?

She specially got magic tool and learn magic just to surprise me on my bday!

OMG..How can i not love her?!

Sheena!!Came down asap after her work. My crazy annoying disturbing fun buddy!:D

Simon and Rebecca. My colleague who came down from work to support me!:D

So sweet!!!

The lucky man who got three hot daughters and one ugly brother.:D

Just kidding..My brother is spoil la!

My mum told us that when she's was having him, she ate alot of birdnest.

We girls got nth!;(

God is fair, he gave us back bit of our beauty as we grew older!:D

Yea, the lady one the left is my 32 years old eldest sis. NOT MY TWIN:D
Alicia and chloe!

Met them thru events and they were really nice!

Never had let me down before.

The whip cream kinda soft by the time we start our cake cutting.;(

But hope they wunt mind.

Pasta, for her..i had my bbq booked near my house..

Im sucha a sweet owner.LOL

She's really nice and sweet. She's always caring and she love to make fun of me..

Thou i know she love me one!:D:D:D:D:D

She is another selfless girl i know.

Joyce, i met her thru purchasing some apparel spree.

Young mama leh! She had a manicure shop at Bishan now.

I always go to her shop to buy Popcorn chicken which is just next store beside hers.

Very friendly and cute babe!

24th June was my 21st Birthday. A day where i never get the key to go club and stay out late still...BUT~~~~~~

A key to all doors for happiness!

Will be updating real soon!
Im so so so happy and really appreciate those who manage to attend my party!

People whom im expecting all came. Except few who were in overseas.

Huge amount of gifts from all the lovely people who came:)

Pasta make quite a few friend there as well!:D

Wanna know who were there and who i always hang out with?

This party is where you will get to see my buddy and people who

really mean alot to me;)

THANKS ANSON FOR COMING DOWN TOO! And for the beautiful photos too!:)

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