Born workaholic

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Been working!
Working !!

And Full time working!

And finally enjoying.

Met up with my 8 years of sister Kaikai.

I met her since the Friendster Era.

This is what i call LOVE.

She looked so young la! She doesnt looked like her age lo!

I look so old!:D

We met at NEX and had our dinner at Pontien B1.

Then we had ice cream.

Goodness..So sinful yet so heavenly.:D

Kaikai sis came back from overseas and she got me all this!

The Special Milo that cannot get from Singapore.


Ok, i love my job and i love to work.

Gonna sleep alr..I just prepare few photos on how i do my eye makeup again!:D

Will get them uploaded.

And i will get a webcam soon so i can do what i promise to you guys k!:)

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