Sunday, June 12, 2011

Invited to join OMY.SG Yummilicious Feast last week.

Had a great meal and time with the food bloggers and i would say,

14 bloggers took up this "Challenge", eight eateries at Icon Village in 4 hours!

Stuffing good food is sucha beautiful thing!:D

And yes, i ditched my diet for that day.

I just love food too much...LOL

I thought i gonna be lonely. But the bloggers were nice people leh!

See many familiar faces and fun people.

April.:)Kiyomi! Im so happy to see her again!!

It's like almost a year ever since i met her??Kyoko. Japanese food blogger who came to Singapore to work.

She's really friendly too.

Estelle. She's very cheerful!:D

She got that Sunshine Smile. I guess i can totally relate her with Miss Sunshine.LOL

Eric. And i guess most girls already know him. Probably crazy bout him.

Yea, he's cool i must ADMIT! :D
This is our first station.
KUMO Japanese Kaiseki Restaurant#01-47/58 Icon Village; Tel: 6225-8433

The ambience is good.:)

This is the bar where their chef prepares the sushi and sashimi.

Their chef's are Japanese as well.

So you know you are tasting the authentic Sushi uh!:D

Most of their Ingredients are from Australia, US and Japan..and few others countries.
If you are concern about the radiation issue, you shouldnt be worry as they have gone thru
several inspection before they get to have their food serve in the restaurant.

One unique thing bout this restaurant is,
you don't get to see same menu on the list.
They will customise every ingredient they have for the day to play with.

Interesting uh? Customised menu based.

Chef Hidehashi Nobuaki trained with the legendary Kitcho group of restaurants in Japan. He is also licensed to serve fugu(potentially deadly puffer fish).

Prices starts from $148, for a minimum of 7 courses.

This is the set of sushi we had.

From left to right.

- Tai (sea bream blow-torched)
- Lightly poached Crystal Bay Prawn from Australia
- Hamo (pike eel) with special ginger and miso sauce.

- Octopus with dollop of ume
- Hokkaido Uni

This is one of my favourite with i find it really interesting and exotic.
The Hamo is topped with Miso ginger sauce.

A very unique taste.
2rd favorite Tai

SALTA Argentine Parrilla and Grocer#01-46/56/57 Icon Village; Tel: 6225-8433

The restaurant is named after a city in Argentina - Salta.
The cattle in Argentina graze the grass plain freely and openly, resulting lean meat and less saturated fats. There's no hormones or supplements are given, thus the beef is natural and healthy:D

If you are a meat-eater, you gonna love this and eat in eating till your butt burns

Mixed Grill Platter:

Beef Sirloin, Beef Skirt, Chicken Thigh, Black Hog Pork Loin, Pork Sausage. With grilled vegetables and chimichurri sauces.

I find the sausages and beef sirloin really good.
The meat were seasoned with salt and wasn't too saltish.

You would still be able to taste the natural flavours of it.
The meat wasn't over grilled and i still manage to taste the bit of moist and sweetness from it thou it's only seasoned with salt. And it's not FAT at all..It's meat is very lean.

The Beef skirt was bit hard but it work really very well with the chimichurri sauces.

The chicken was fine, not too oily and it's still tender. D

And the lamb does not carry that heavy smell.

I almost could not differentiate the beef and lamb.


Pizzeria L'Operetta#01-78 to 81 Icon Village; Tel: 6222-9487

The only Neapolitan style pizza in Singapore.

Owner, Mr Katsumi Mizutani hope to bring in this Neapolitan pizza and made authentically in traditional wood oven.

Those Japanese kitchen crew were awesome.

You know, having many cute kitchen crews are a bonus to the restaurants. I not shallow but seriously, they are really cute....And professional in pizza making too.

They are armed with good hands eh!
Whoa..Don't get me wrong...they are talented in pizza making.
Tell me the pizza im holding is NOT JUST TASTY.
It's implanted with loads of passion from these talented Kitchen crew.

The enthusiasm in perfecting and baking the best pizza in the world is what makes the pizza taste extremely different.

The thing bout neapolitan pizza is the the centre parts of thte pizza is very moist.

Basically, the semi-cooked york is soaking into the bread texture pizza. With the Crispy side crust supporting the shape of the pizza.


The dough was fermented for fermented for 24hr to get that chewy texture and was baked over 450 degree celcius for 1 and half mins.


Very different from the usual pizza you had anywhere. I Swear!
But if you are somebody who doesnt like moisty bread, that might be a exception for you.

You might just love this creation once you taste it.:)

I love the texture of york on the pizza but that doesnt apply to soggy bread.:D

Ramen Culture#01-82/83; Tel: 6222-5110

Oxtail Ramen.

The soup is good, not too saltish. And it does not carry any weird taste as i always thought.

You know Oxtail? That kinda freaky smell? I mean that kind of weird?:D

Surprisingly, the radish and the oxtail gave the plain looking soup a boost in the taste.
Lightly saltish and sweet but not too plain. And it's not oily at all! The pepper brings out the taste even more.

I can taste abit of the beefy smell and not stinky:D
I doesnt really take beef and lamb meat os of their smell.
So im pretty selective when it comes to beef and lamb. Hotstone Tsuke-men.

The Soup-based is kinda thick.
Probably the added soy bean paste , sesami oil and some "Special" ingredient to made it.

The noodles wasn't very pleasing by eating it just alone like that.
It's dry and tasteless...

But it was ok when dipped with their Thick soup.

Probably for people who loves sesami oil would love this ramen!:)
I felt that Ramen Culture abit more towards the China taste and style.
The taste were quite different from the other Japanese Cusine. They emphasis more on their sauce. That is why the sauce is a miracle to save the dry noodles from being mark down by nasty remarks..:D

Muffet's Room#01-16; Tel: 6410-9353

The beer-batter fish & Chip is the best!:D
They are using anchor beer for the batter fish.

The texture of the fish were soft and tender and the outside were crispy and loose.
Not bad leh!:D

The concept of this whole cafe is to give customers a HOME-FEEL.

Served with fresh ingredient and they have their daily specials too!

This is the Linguine with crabmeat sauce in tomato sauce.
I guess i still prefer something light and simple? Aglio Olio style.
I shall try their Aglio Olio the next visit! :D

Their cream sauce linguine was quite different.

And the sauce was not those creamy milky kind...
instead quite light and abit sticky(probably due to the lemon chemical reaction)

Abit creamy. And slight lemon taste. You get to taste the linguine and ingredient in one mouth instead of sucking the creamy sauce in every scoop you eat..

I find it annoying when i've to drained abit of the sauce off at times

when eating cream pasta at other places. Do you do that too??Or am i just weird?:D
Whips Cupcakes#01-85; Tel: 6222-5432

Red velvet mini cupcake with cream cheese is AWESOME.
Especially the cream cheese that's topped on this cupcake.

Not too fluffy,thick but it's not overly sweet! Just my type of cake.
Whips Cupcakes is a specializes gourmet cupcake store that provide a selection of authentic American cupcakes to the discerning trendsetter. Made with finest ingredients from all corners of the world, befitting the lifestyle of todays chic and urbanite.

One of the 20 years old group of young sweet ladies who bakes those cute and interesting cupcakes.
One thing that would makes me come back was her smile.

What i mean was..how can you not be attracted to come back for more cupcakes when the service was really good? And i love her attitude. Friendly and attentive.

Oh well, i bombed her loads of questions and she's still smiling and listening to me attentively.
My thaiboy don't even realised i've talked for an hour can!!! This lady her is really nice.
She gives eye contact one ok!LOL.
And that is what i call a decent customer service.

2rd reason to come back...
They does customise cakes as well.
She shown us her past Masterpiece, she baked a Prada Mini Tote
for one of her customers who wanted to present this cake to his friend.
So he sent the photos to her and she did it!

Which was about 2kg?? $80 only!

CHEAP LEH!! And it was nicely baked and decorated.
Now guys, you can save up few thousand on buying branded for the girls..

A new excuse to be Stingy..
"I know you love cakes and bags.. You gonna love this gift* i prepare for you which ave both of your loves!"

Whips can be a spoil market for the girls in future where guys can svae up alot.
Or can be a spoil market for the guys when girls only turns to WHIPS when they are unhappy.

Pâtisserie Glacé#01-33/34, Tel: 6400-0247

Where to get a moderately-priced Japanese Pastries yet healthy and tasty??
This is where you can go.... :)
Tried their low fat Cheese cake. Happily eating and totally no controls over my bites..

Earl Grey Tiramisu.
I felt that the taste of earl grey is more than the coffee thou.:D
You definitely wouldnt be insomnia if you had it at night.
I know right.

Fat is the next thing you gonna think of when you sink your teeth in this yummy treat.
You can consider the Low Fat Cheese tart if you are as conscious as me and you die die also wanna eat some treats to cure your sweet cravings.

Oh my good-de-ness....
This Frozen cheese tart is like a heaven.
I love cheese but this cheese is DOPE!
It taste like ice cream.
It totally gave me the Ben & Jerry feeling. HAHA..
The feeling of eating both ice cream and cakes together.
That you can only get from ben & jerry? Enlighten me if you know any other interesting
shops that create btoh ice cream with with cakes.
Please do not tell me Swensen, Seriously.

Im eating that with a lesser sin burden on me.
Im a girl, i love sweet stuff, i love cakes, i love ice creams..
Don't tell me quit, probably i might try to reduce?:D

You can totally feel the lightness of it.
Very different from the frozen cheese tart. Less thick and smoothier.

Strawberry shortcake's majority's favourites.

The cake were really soft and the cream were fluffy and light. Easy on mouth.:DBut the cake wasn't as sweet for a Strawberry shortcake.

Probably the previous sweet WHIPS cupcake kinda took a place in my heart?Hmmm.
Oh well, i love the frozen cheesecake! A must try, you must try!

I gonna give this a 4/5.


Frost Bites

#01-29, Tel: 6225 0585

Frost bites has a firm texture as compare to others.
Using their very own homemade recipe, they created a yogurt blend that is a lil bit more to the sweet ones. It's love in fat and nutritious..

They have more than 20 toppings to choose from. And prices are affordably from $3.80 onwards.

The yogurt came just right when we need it.
We had so much today and it's time to digest!:D

FYI, i had yogurt everyday. And i took frozen yogurt as a sweet treat every week.
Healthy right!:D

The yogurt taste were really different from Frolick and Yami Yogurt.
Worth the try yo!
The lady and guy behind the counter wasn't very stingy over the servings too!
Im not refering to any Frozen yogurt that are NIAO(Stingy in hokkien) one.
NO..i didnt say anything. =X

Anyway, really happy to get this opportunity to join this foodful outing.
Get to see people enjoying food, taking photos with the food, people who love food as much
as me. All about food. Crazy about food.

Thank you OMY.SG!!

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