K-Palette Launch

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Invited to KPalette Launch by TSS. THANKS MICHELLE AND ELFRAINE!:)

Canon crew were really friendly.

They will show you any photos taken before printing it out.:D

Make sure you like it, love it, KISSES IT..lol

..before anging them up along the window!

K Palette Japanese Makeup Artist.

Thru out the event Canon people and K platte crews were really attentive.

We were treat like a Princess the moment we enter Fika.


The founder of JAPALAN.SG.

Cabbed over
to Fika at Arab Street.
K palette Launch with TSS.
Familiar faces again!:D

Everything in this restaurant including K palette's crew preparation for us were so sweet and chio leh!!! They are really nice leh, marshmallow with our names as welcome gift.

Right till now, i have yet to touch it can! Too nice to eat them.

Jap style makeup, sweet and cute..What else?


Demo starts now!..preparing for the first part on the left face for a more Glam and sexy look.

Japanese representative from K palette do a demo for us on getting two type of Basic makeup that is the most IN and TRENDY now.

Slightly glitterish pinkish eye shadow will help to bring out the feminine look from asian yellow skin..as the glow itself is pretty natural!:)

The final Look.

Left is much natural and abit cat eyes look. Suitable for glam style.

For the right is abit more to puppy eyes, cute and feminine kind. Will tends to give an illusion of bigger eyes and innocent anime big eyes kind!

Elfraine, my towkay for most TSS event:D

Celeste, her sunny looking cute face!REALLY BRIGHTEN UP OUR DAY!!:D

Baobao. I stalked her very long alr..And she really slimmed down and become fairer ALOT!

Jayley..No makeup still chio. ENVY*
Her Sis is her duplicate. Double Chio-ness.LOL

With K palette's crew and the beauty bloggers.

Needless to say, they are really pretty in person!I SWEAR! Thats why they are invited.

HAHA...hmm..im tryin to hint you im one of them! (JUST KIDDING!)
I've been doing adventorial for TSS for very long already so if there's any adventorial, normally i would help elfraine to do..So i had no idea how they pick their bloggers!:D

Stealla, the girl in black long wavy hair, she's too tall la!

Hate to stand beside her!LOLOL

Not only Good quality but huge Quantity.

I tried their last lasting eyebrow 2way liquid and powder pen.

OMG! I love it to the max!

Now i can swim in the pool with my eyebrow still on after 2hrs!

Im serious...i even asked my cute friend Elicia to rubbed my eyebrow.

She always like to disturb me on rubbing my eyebrow as she knows i tends to draw my eyebrow super thick! So whenever i disturb her, she will threaten me with this.


This 1 day tattoo brows is my savious..go gym wipe sweat, my brows will still be there!

Try it!! $23.90 per pen will never let you down.

The cons of this is....probably need to take longer time to remove the content off your brows..

But..if you were as lazy as me..

you failed to get them off..then leave it there till the next day lo!:D

Touch up abit and you can go out already.SAVE TIME AND SHAME!:D

Fika's meal was awesome!

End our day with super yummy meal.

And thanks baobao and Stella for most of the photos here!:D

Lastly, K palette and TSS for the invitation.


before i end this post, let me share with you my favorite product of all!:D

Hayley sacrifies her face to be my DEMO for K palette's Product.

I started with her brows with their 1 day Tattoo 2 way brow pencil.

The eyeliner on the right done by hayley herself.:)

Her brows are much more define and i gave her brows an natural arch instead of the korean style triangle brows...:)

Follow by Eyeshadow..The colour was quite rich thou. So advise to people who

are going to try for the first time..dapped lightly to check the shade before going any darker!:)


Will be doing a makeup tutorial(photo) with BEBEPOSHE and K PALETTE Products to get my BIG EYES LOOK!:D


Eh..Entertain me pls?!LOL


Grab them before they run out of stocks!:D


  1. you are very pretty in person, linda! i LOVE 1 of the photo you took with another blogger (at K-Palette fb fan page de!)

    1. Thanks Mermaid_Charm. Sorry fpor the super late reply