Bebeposhe Launch!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Attended Bebe Poshe Launch and met few familiar bloggers there.

And of cause familiar crew whom i liase and advert for them before like Elfraine and Jiayi:)
This branding is created by 5 Socialites, namely-
Jennifer Lin, Sun Yun-Yun, Sun Ying-Ying, Michelle Liao & Cammier Huang.
This product is more delicate and thin compared to tgat of european's fine lines on our skin become evident when we wear thicker foundation. This is to allow us to get that Nude and light makeup effect .

I usually prefer matte look and thicker brows so i will kinda look fresher and cleaner of cause younger...(if i did not do my deepset eyelid)

My complexion werent as good as before because of the clogging pores and unbalance diet.

So i try to cover and cover..:D

Which eventually i look like a paper..Dry dry dry and dry is still the word.:D

Came to this event as her model for Melissa Yeo, a renowned makeup artist

for HER WORLD and many other magazines...

Melissa going to create the glam look with less powder and more healthy glow effect for me..

So i removed my makeup and yes, bare my face to the world.OMG...LOL
There is the final look. WHO DARES TO SAY I LOOK AH LIAN AGAIN?!I'll SMACK YOU!:D

The stress not facing the camera's but baring my ugly complexion.:D

And I must say Melissa did a good job for my face and hair for BebePoshe Launch!

After my Demo, it's time for the beauty bloggers to try out Bebeposhe Products and win themselves attractive prizes. WOO!


Check out:

Left is the Final and right is before.

No need the deepset eyelid method, you can alr create this glam beautiful looking eyes look

with a tough of elegance..and the powder Melissa used were like 1/5 of my usual layers..

I look like some sick person, in fact im really sick and insomnia for many mths alr.

This is Melissa Yeo.

I love their starry Eye shadow, gave me a super feminineand glam look!

Just dapped abit of it, you can get the thick shade of it..and it's long lasting..

Next is their fake eyelashes, they are not too thick and they stilll gave you the length and volume that is so natural and glamourous/sweet after the eyeshadow. and eyeliner.

Talk about eyeliner, i would recommend their Incredible Gel eye liner, the gel is richer and it doesnt smudge after long day!!!!

I tried their "sweetheart" lipstick.

It gave the matte semi red-pinkish look which doesnt make my lips look swollen yet full.

After the lipstick aply abit of the "Juicy Muah 02 Champagne" for a more glossy kissable lips.:D

Do you realised i've yet to mention bout foundation and concealer?:D

Yea, because it's so nude and natural.. you would have missed that step if your skin doesnt have any marks.:D

All you need is a light weight liquid foundation and abit of concealer for dark rings and marks..

then......dapped SUPER LITTLE "powder of youth"to set your concealer.

Lastly, if you have a darker skin tone, use a orange based blusher..
Fair person could try orange for a natural glowly look


pinkish ones for a much more sweeter look.

Now all famous bloggers get to see my ugly complexion!

But thats not the issue, because i know how to enhance my features and skin already:D

Lucky Melissa, the professional artist put my glow back in place with BebePoshe Cosmetic.

Lastly, i wanna thanks Bebeposhe & TSS for the invitation to attend this Launch.


I never like to go out with glam or super chio clothes..So i changed into my casual top and ripped pants...HAHHAA!

My mum thinks i look good in these geek glass!:D

Goodness....ORDERED SO MUCH!Sure cannot finish..

And i had to be an aunty asked them to packed them up for me.