Photoshoot and Food

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Was sick and i took a total of 4 days mc in a month. SHIT;(

My boss and colleague were really nice and understanding.:)

I had my shoot on a sunday and lucky a afternoon one with Luke.

Met him before shoot for Breakfast, and i guess thats my fullest meal since 2 weeks of suffering.LOL

Im not anorexic, just felt sick so i ate very little.
Makeup by norah.
And Photographer by Luke from Role Models International.
Eh..seriously..i thought beauty shot suppose to have a lighter makeup?:D
No idea..oh well..
Beauty shot.
Turns out good under my hand. (PHOTOSHOP)

Meet up with my sweet girlfriend Amaryllis.
And Karhao met us in awhile.
She just came back from korea and got me Mask and LOLLIPOP!

I keep changing out my clothes thru out the journey.

Luke keep laughing at my eyebrow cause they were not brush nicely during the shoot.
So i went to re-brush them nicely.HAHA

Karhao, another one..keep commenting on my attire.
I always like casual look so i actually change back to my shirt.

Then they thought i look like a patient, so i change into my newly bought topshop singlet.

And finally..i dun have to run to the toilet to change liao!:D

Had Jap food for dinner.

And we had 5 10 as usual where Amaryllis would normally be good at..:D
Karhao lose, so loser clear the wasabi. LOL I guess for so long not much girls or guys got to get so much shot of Luke.

I pro one.:D

HAHA..I was trying and challenging myself to eat those prohibited food.

I had curry katsudon.

But i really cannot finish.

1. Feel Full

2. Very cold

So this Bunny buddy over here had to finished my curry for me.
Cos he can really eat!

Thaiboy also had bunny tooth.

Alot people always mistaken me and thaiboy as siblings uh!!! still thinking if i should do braces.

Or save up the money to get some more food?:D
Im currently weighing 43kg. But im not happy with it still.=(

We had Cold Stone ice cream after our dinner.
My cravings..Expensive cravings.
I added extra toppings and waffle cup.
I had peanut butter ice cream with peanut butter, oreo and brownie.
Mine is the fattest. And The strawberry sorbet the least sinful ones belong to Amaryllis. wonder she so skinny.LOL
I gain weight the next day after this outing..And seriously.. my new name.Ok la..always my name.

Cabbed back after a long chat and horror stories exchanging cause somebody is enlisting this coming August. Awwww..LOL

We met a Taxi Aunty, yes, Aunty..a Cute and fun Malay Aunty who is really brave.

Cos karhao house might have to passby old tampines rd..and drivers should know there..

very haunted one.:D

Then she was saying, if you fear of them, they feed on your fear.


And she purposely go that way and make him say some stories for her.

Some photos after the shoot.:)

If you were wondering what camera Luke's using..

Dont be surprise..


And im not kidding!:)

And of cos, the photoshop done by me..Told you im good at it.:D


I wanna thanks those lovely people who emailed and commented me to

takecare of my health.

Really appreciate. And so sorry i could not reply to your comment and i had no idea why it always bringing it back to my page when i key in my ID to comment.=(

And the girls and guys , whom i know worries for me - sorry i will eat more soon!:)

To IDNAME: beautyeditorwannabe

I tried to reply but was bounce back.=(
Thanks for your concern, i went to see the doctor twice and he was saying if that still gonna happen he would advise me togo for a blood test which he suspect is the thyroid hormones disorder you were talking about. Will heed your advice!:)

Thanks so much yo! :)

TO IDNAME: lancy

Thanks babe Hope you enjoy the post:)

TO IDNAME: april Kwong

Hey April, i;ve yet to get a webcam.HAHA!

Omg..lazy symdrome.

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